Monday, June 10, 2013

Hiding Future Task on Pocket Informant for iOS, A Workaround

Pocket Informant is a great software. I have used it since Windows Mobile days and now its 3.0 version of Pocket Informant iOS. I find many of my needs can be met with it in some way. However, one important thing that missing from is a good way to hide future task from showing.

The above makes my task list looks cluttered with tasks that I don't want to focus on right now. This is most annoying on routine tasks. For example, on a routine task that repeat daily, when I complete today's task the task for tomorrow will auto-generate and show up on the current list. It makes the list not as clear to look at compare if it's gone from my view until tomorrow. This kind of option exist  Toodledo's own iOS app but somehow does not get into Pocket Informant so far.

Anyway, not all is lost. I still like to use PI and there is some indirect way to make future task, especially the routine ones, can be better managed in PI in it's current state.

Utilizing Grouping

The grouping feature on Pocket Informant is nice (can be accessed on button on upper right corner).  t has great visual and easy to access. I use grouping by Due Date to separate future tasks from the rest. It helps on some circumstances but still can be a problem when I need the grouping for some other field. When that happen, I just group as I needed and try to ignore future tasks from it's label that does not say 'today' or blank.

Filter by Tag

Another feature that can be used for hiding future task is filtering by tag feature. I label the routine task with specific label so when I really need them to go away to focus on non-routine task including those what will happen later, I can just filter the label from showing.

So far, with the above workaround, I still find it usable and does not hurt so much on my workflow. It still better if there is true future task filtering though.