Sunday, December 16, 2007

Software Assimilation

Software is not just installed, it is assimilated. It is intrusive and define the way we work into certain way. Some software introduce some different ways of doing things or initiate a completely new one and it integrate with people's mind. Software "Installation" goes beyond installation on the computer but include the assimilation of it's workflow and the assumption on which the software is based into the user workflow . Some software goes even further into shaping the perspective of it's user in seeing the problem.

It's not strange then we see people react differently to a different program. The style, assumptions and behavior of the program could conflict with the user inner mental model and adapting mental model is not a convinient process for most people.

The trick is then to find the balance between making a software that still can get an "entry point" into the user mental model but at the same time offer significant and interesting new things for the user to experience. For the user, the homework is then to find software that fit with his level of knowledge, understanding and the future growth he would like to go to. Some feature could be felt as helpful for someone could be seen as annoying or even mockery to intellectuality for others.

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