Thursday, April 10, 2008

Use Prism for Sites or Web Application that is Used/Behave as an App

Not so long ago I stumble upon Prism, a Mozilla project that aim to make using a site feels like using a desktop app. Of course, this means not all website would makes sense to be be used in Prism but for some it feels very natural.

Prism is (From the url above) :

Prism is an application that lets users split web applications out of their browser and run them directly on their desktop.

Altough technically speaking, currently it does :

  • Gives you shortcut (in Start Menu, Desktop or Quicklaunch) so you can fire an url like you fire an app.
  • Remove all the buttons and menu.
It might be not too impressive from this technical standpoint. But after using it for sometime I am starting to feel the difference in how I work. I put many "action"-based site to prism and now my Firefox is getting cleaner and has more focused used i.e: more research, reading, browsing. It kinda reminds of the old days :). Some monitoring and management url like Trac and XPlanner is quite helpful to be treat as prism.

Many times when I open certain site in one tab and I intend it to stick there for a while, it will then accidentally closed, which is quite annoying since I would then find myself reopening tab several times (I am quite a fan of "Close other tabs" command, so I guess this is to be expected). Now, I could just open those kinds of sites in Prism and has more freedom to do more hectic research in Firefox.

It's still really early technology, but it's already useful in my case and quite assimilated . I am looking forward for updates on this one especially highly important stuff like the use of Firefox extension (or Prism's own extension) since something like Adblock is almost de-facto standard for web accessing these days.

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