Sunday, June 08, 2008

Children and Human's Low Level API

One of the privilege you got from having children (I have two myself) is you got the chance to see layers of human behavior API. It is exposed incrementally so you got the chance to differentiate which one is inherent to every human, what is character. If you have more than one you have even greater chance to compare things and search for invariants.

I see for myself how certain characteristic are already within a person without us do anything special to develop it. Being very attentive or very extrovert is shown in babies even when we don't condition them to be (I always thought this was very conditioned). Of course, later you can teach them and manage some of their trait to be more effective but inherently they are already have certain tendencies.

The most interesting thing for me is to see how we learn. It's really incredible to see how children learn and reflect on how we ourselves learn. You will see how those principles in AI books come from. I think you could actually subtitle any AI text-book as "how babies learn" :).

In physical level it is quite the same too. You see how those hair, teeth grow and how the faces change and shape up. Watching them learn how to walk is fun and refereshing and you see how those muscle strengthen.

It's probably a little inhuman to call it API, you could say it instead : if you'd like to learn and know more about yourself inner-workings, have a children.

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