Sunday, September 09, 2012

Exploring guitar sounds : AmpKit and Korg AX1500G

My AmpKit Link arrived yesterday, so this good lazy sunday morning was a good time to test-drive it and I had a good time exploring it. For those who never heard of it yet, it's basically a connector to interface the guitar to iPhone/iPad that enable them to function as sound processor. It's pretty neat and enable a lot of possibilities for effects and processing/recording.

My current effect is Korg AX1500G. It's an old but dependable multi effects and you can do tons of combination of sounds within ranging from the practical one to weird, alien sounding noise. So, naturally,  I did some comparison with it, while testing Ampkit Link (with AmpKit App). There is already a lot of review about these products though, so you'll be well-served by googling about them and I don't think I can add any new things.

I didn't have a concrete picture initiallny on what to use the AmpKit for. It's more of a curiosity and sounds like an interesting to play with. After all, the AX1500G, with my already scarce spare time, still waited to be explored and used more (it's been gathering quite a lot of dust recently).

It turns out that the sound that comes from AmpKit is quite nice. There is also a lot of tools and settings to play with. I played around with recording, background track, SoundCloud integration. Below is the result of doodling around with it. Be warned though, it's pretty monotone, amateurish stuff :)  :

 All around I am happy with it and hope to explore more of it. There's also additional purchasable effects which seems interesting to play around with. I figure it would be useful as a mobile, instant effects to replace bringing a big and heavy one. What I need is just the Ampkit Link and the iPhone, which I usually bring anyway.

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