Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Storage and Reader/Player App on iOS for File-Centric Usage

I was a happy Windows Mobile user back in the day and I like how I can access it somehow just like another storage system. The system can be used more as File-Centric system rather than App-Centric like the recent mobile system.

This feature can be quite useful sometime e.g: bring file when in a hurry to  read/play on the go or copy somewhere else later. I missed this kind of use case when started to use iPhone where it has sand boxed model for the App and the only way to interact with the app and storage is through limited iTunes storage model (which is not quite intuitive nor practical at times).  

Thus, my search for a good storage-related app started. Along the way I find that the apps I found also feature built-in reader and player. This is quite interesting since this makes it a self-sufficient subsystem in itself beyond just a mere storage app and it fits with my needs mentioned above.

So, here's some of the apps that I used right now :

  • File Explorer (Universal). This is the most complete in term of feature that I know of. What I really like is how it can access Samba share and Play directly (without copying) many formats that iOS does not support natively. It has great reader/player functionality but from the feel of it took more of  Storage first, Reader/Player second approach.
  • Good Reader (iPad). I needed more advanced PDF reader for my iPad than the built-in one, so I bought this. It turns out it could function as a storage app too and in fact many people use it as such. It's reader first app though with a good general-purpose storage facility.
  • ReaddleDocs (iPhone). I got this when it goes on sale (free) but despite it's price at that time it is a very good app. It's rival Good Reader for reading feature although for PDF reading, good reader has much more sophisticated feature. However, the interesting aspect of this app is how beautiful the built-in reader/player is. It complement my usage of File Explorer above.
Apart form features listed above, all of those app support  features typically exist storage app is quite complete (cloud services support, web-based interface, etc..). They are all enable me to use iPhone/iPad in File-Centric manner when needed.

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