Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Springpad + Evernote, Revisited

I wrote about using Springpad and Evernote sometime ago. My use of them since has evolved following the progress of those two services/apps. For example, Springpad note support was quite basic at that time but now it has become quite consistent and enjoyable to use. So, some of my setup has follow suit.

I now use mainly Springpad while Evernote is more for exceptional things like on the cases below :

  • Need things offline
  • Long writing
  • More "sticky" stuff like resources for projects
  • Scans and documents
Springpad has now can fulfill most of my needs. It's better not to have too much tools and have things duplicated so I cut down my Evernote uses. It still an important part of my system though within its scope. As for Springpad, here's ans example of how I use it for :
  • Manage and track media : movies, series, books, games, etc. It is really useful on this
  • Checklists : Springpad checklist support is quite advanced and it's what I have been looking for sometime
  • Project research and resource collection : Springpad has various type of content, not just notes, that makes collecting resources for projects really
  • Random notes, items and collections : for collecting interesting item from either online or offline that has not yet fit anywhere yet. I can search or organizing it easily later on

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