Friday, February 15, 2008

Pocket Freemind, Freemind on PocketPC

PocketFreemind is the first open source (and hopefully not the last :) ) project I've joined and the only one I took so far. I took a plunge since I do many critical stuff in Freemind and need them to be mobile. The state of PocketFreemind at that time is quite usable but it missing some feature that is quite substantial to the personal-semantic-convention that I use in the desktop version e.g: red and green font, icons.

I took some time to catch up and start adding the needed feature (thanks for Peter Carol that has started this project and already code some quite easy-to-work-with codebase). It was really fun and interesting (got exposed to windows mobile development). After I got the very-needed feature I needed, I took the time off due to, as usual, work and life.

I am still looking forward for some more spacious time to start coding it again. There are still some features I had floating in my mind that I really like to have it implemented and there's also the Freemind 0.9.0 support e.g : node with attributes that will be really interesting to explore.

It still uses what's is provide by .net regarding TreeView and Node, that's why you still see something funny like square block on node without icons (actually, without node it will be blank, but I add a blank square icon for node without icon to help with the visual since it will look really wacky without it). More exploration on doing custom drawing of node could, at least potentially, make things prettier.

So, if you got the need to sync your freemind file with your PocketPC, give it a try.

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