Monday, February 11, 2008

Vista ATI Display Driver Problem

Update (2008-06-08) : I updated to version 8.476.0.0 (28/03/2008) and the problem is no longer there. Case closed.

I have used Windows Vista several months now. Despite it's several shortcomings (and bad reviews around the net) it is quite usable in my case. However, one thing still really annoy me : the ATI display driver problem. Occasionally the screen would go blank and the message below showup :

I usually can get back to work fine after it happen. However, using recent drivers the problem is really bad, the driver reset would go on several time and ended up with the blue-screen-of-death (haven't seen this for quite a while before using Vista). I am currently stuck with driver version 8.390.0.0 which come from June 2007, otherwise the bluescreen would appear twice a day minimum.

I have tried any appearing driver updates, so far it's not solved yet. It's not that a major problem though, I can still work fine (old driver that works is enough for now), it's just that I think I can sympathize better with people having problem with this OS :).

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