Thursday, March 13, 2008

PascalCase and camelCase Convention (in C#)

Coming from C++ world I am a bit disturbed with how things written/named in C# world. The IDE, code samples, books write something that I have been learn to avoid : write function name starting with capital.

I used to follow a convention that only use name beginning capital very sparingly i.e: for Class names. Suddenly seeing capitals everywhere got me wondering didn't they read stroustrup books and other C++ guru?. Overtime I learn to accept it although I still many times, by reflex, naming properties and functions starting with lower case but I can live with generated code and keep up with whatever convention already existing in the code I am working on.

I mainly thought there some kind of convention that these guys are following although I haven't read it explicitly somewhere. Until today, when reading book "C# in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition", I stumble upon this

By convention, arguments, local variables, and private fields should be in camel case (e.g., myVariable ), and all other identifiers should be in Pascal case (e.g., MyMethod ).

I still wonder where there's come from initially, but at least I now saw it written explicitly that, somehow, it's a convention. Thinking that all those people "incidentally" have the same urge to broke the rules and naming things by Capital Letter is kinda creepy, so it's better like this :).

I don't mind following them, although my brain now have to keep two convention inside it since I still keep the other convention in C++. There's still some nagging feeling that you broke something sacred when you try to start name of something beside class with capital in C++.

PascalCase is ok, (Lower)camelCase is ok too, as long as it gets the job done, I guess.

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