Monday, March 10, 2008

Using Jude : Seperate Model and View

Jude is a UML tools that I find very flexible since let the user do the way he likes it to without forcing certain structure. The user could determine what certain structure of the components and diagrams are meant to himself.

Here's one way of using it that is quite useful to me : make a separate model and diagram folder. I put all the UML components e.g: Class, under model and make all diagrams under diagram folder. With this I could reuse the same classes definition on several different diagrams. Any change to the class will be reflected automatically to others.

It's a bit more work since you have to do things in several steps :
  • add any model under folder model e.g: right click on the folder -> Create Model -> Add Class
  • Open the diagram and drag the Class there from structure view
With standard way of drawing, I could just click on the toolbar and I got the model I want in that diagram instantly. It's quick but it makes the model less reusable/centralized.

It's not always seems practical to do so though, for quick "drawing" I just use the toolbar and let everything e.g: classes and diagrams on the same folder. However, for relatively serious UML Diagramming separating models and diagrams is more convenient.

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