Thursday, February 05, 2009

Multipanel in AllinOne Sidebar Extension in Firefox

I find Multipanel when I installed Firefox's All-in-One Sidebar extension. It opens up the page what you currently viewing right now on the sidebar in single column view by default. It is very useful when you want to have certain page to be sticky like when the page is in a referential nature.

However, the very good thing about it is that it opens up any link that you click on that sidebar on your current main tab instead on itself. One really major use that I find for it is when opening a page with some kind of table of content on top that has links to anchors within the same page or links to other page. Without it, I have to switch back and forth within the same page or switching between tabs which is distracting and break the focus. With Multipanel, I just load the page on the side and click the links from there, very handy.

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