Wednesday, February 04, 2009

What does Visual Means in Visual C++

Visual in Visual C++ does not neccessarily means because you can do your programming by manipulating graphical symbol ala Model-Driven stuff or design GUI using designer (although now you could much more conviniently than on the age of Visual C++ 6.0). It seems to me it means more that :

You can not do development with it (at least not conviniently) without mouse.

I do my early work using gcc and vi, console/xterm (it's kterm in KDE). With that as a background I don't question much the "visuality" of Visual C++. To me, it basically means visual in the way that it is a graphical IDE as oppose to a console/terminal-based one. I think that will put our expectation in a more apropriate place.

The confusion probably comes from the fact that it is bundled within Visual Studio where you have Visual Basic/C#/J# in it that have more "visual" feel to it i.e: start new windows forms project, add buton, double click the button, add code within event handling skeleton, add more widgets, add more event handlings and so on.

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