Monday, April 23, 2012

muCommander to "complement" Finder in OSX Lion

I recently found muCommander File Manager. It's simple, dual-pane file manager (as a bonus, it's also multiplatform due to it's java usage). It supports natively several file protocol e.g: smb, ftp. However, the biggest use of it for me currently is that it can open windows share when Finder can not.

I have many issues with Windows Share in Finder and it can break the workflow sometime. muCommander help with that in many cases. On some other needs, it does not entirely solve the problem since it can not mount it and only allow transfer. This means I can not open the file directly through the share but need to copy it locally first. Still, it's a good help for now until Apple fix the interoperability with Windows Share.

Apart from that, I probably won't use it much beyond helping the windows share issue above. and some occasional need for dual pane.  It's a nice looking File Manager but a little too simplistic for my needs.

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