Tuesday, April 10, 2012

jEdit on Mac : How to get better font rendering

Text Editor is one of the first software I look around when I start using Mac. I am a jEdit user on windows but I figure I tried what's available natively on Mac first, in case there's something better and works natively. Long story short, jEdit is still the best option for me.

It runs quite well on Mac but somehow it seems something is a bit miss in the way it renders font. The characters are a bit blurry, although not too bad and I still managed to ignore it for sometime. However, after a while, the difference with the native editor like TextEdit start to raise some curiosity about the difference on how they render the font.

The discussion here, finally shed some lights on the issue. Below is what need to be set on jEdit (quoted from the original post) :

Edit the file: /Applications/jEdit.app/Contents/Info.plist

.. somewhere around line 66 you'll see these options


.. just after those lines, add the following extra properties:


.. restart jEdit, and you should have much nicer font rendering!

It looks much nicer after it and give me even less reason to try to move from jEdit.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, thx for this post, it worked for me.. and now jedit files look so much better! cheers from spain amigo ;)