Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Import Existing Repository to Bitbucket using TortoiseGit

When you want to import an existing local Git repository to bitbucket you can follow this official guide. However, one of the section involving steps with git command line as below :

I am used to using TortoiseGit on Windows and rely on it for all my Git command needs. So, I find it unpleasant to go to the shell to just do all the above. It feels like a leaky abstraction happening. I am sure there is more convenient way to do it using TortoiseGit instead. So, below  are the above steps done using TortoiseGit :
  • Right click on the folder->TortoiseGit -> Settings
  • Git->Remote and enter remote origin value as pictured below
  •  Right click on the folder->TortoiseGit ->Push
It looks more wordy but it is actually more pleasant to do in GUI-based environment.

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