Friday, February 28, 2014

Translating Traditional Program Logic to OpenCL

If you just started to look at OpenCL and see the example of the code, it can be quite confusing on how it got that way from its traditional program logic counterpart. Take a look at an example of comparison below taken from PDF Overview on OpenCL site :

You can see that the calculation is intact but you can't seem to find where the for loop counterpart is.

It is because, the logic has been separated between host (your main program) and kernel (that will be sent to device). So, you need to look at both of them to get the whole picture. There is some data partitioning done that you can take a look at the code at the host. Together with the batch processing happen in kernel code you can start to see the implied loop there.

Due to its parallelism and batch processing nature, the logic in OpenCL can look more declarative and more separated compare to traditional one. So, the logic that you expect to find will probably be implied somewhere in host and kernel code. This could help if you try to read the existing code.

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