Thursday, January 24, 2008

Agile and Effectivity : Two Game at a Time

On the book "Agile Software Development", Alistair Cockburn wrote that there are two game running in parallel when people develop software. The two game can be summarized as :

  1. Make code that work
  2. Keep the code workable
If you ignore the item no.2 you'll get trouble sooner or later with the no.1. You could get away by ignoring item 2 in short time, but in the long run you will pay the much higher price .

I see the two item above parallel with, if not an instance of, the concept of Production/ProductionCapacity (P/PC) balance in Stephen Covey's book "Seven Habit of Highly Effective People". And if you look around for more, many problem following the same model : using tool vs. learning the new ones, adding more hours in one language with experimenting with the new ones.

Defining Effectivity as balancing between P/PC is like defining EffectiveCoding as balancing between Coding/Refactoring.

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