Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Track Internet Searching using Freemind

I've mentioned in the previous post that I used Mindmapping application to track my internet search in realtime. The reason is that the search can go out of hand if not tracked like this. We could end up spending hours looking at anything that caught our attention on the search result that is not too relevant to our current task.

Here's how, more or less, my "control center" looks like when I do a research-heavy task :

You've probably guessed the convention already : red for active item, green for done, small gray on notes.

I think the next step for after having a taste of how the searching in internet done and what it can gives us, is to use it with some kind of heuristic and a little discipline. This is just my current way of doing it and I find it quite useful to help focus on getting things done.

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