Thursday, January 10, 2008

Save Time by Being Clear

People debated over believes, religion, OS, text editor. Many times it's fun but a lot of them unnecessary. We could actually simplify things by being really clear on what we need and expect.

We could end up with debates and confusion when we are not really have one specific things in mind ourselves. We prolong problems by searching in in elegance side while we are really prioritizing functionality, picky about the price while our constraint is really about time, worry about perfection while anything good enough is more than enough to get us going. We stumble upon a fight over people regarding ideology in the process of searching very simple practical things.

We could simplify more by being really clear too about what the other people intention and perspective. We rarely have to be in defensive position when we realize clearly where the other people stand, if at all. People usually have a good point if we know what perspective they use and the background they have.

When we end up trying something we could also save time when we are clear what to use it for. For example, we don't bother checking out the internals of the lib if the part that we use it works perfectly well for our purpose. We only need those part functional and don't care about the rest.

So, be it religion, methodology, tools, libraries, framework. Being clear is a good filters and heuristic to get things that works for us. We'll also save more time that we could use to extract values on whatever we finally choose.

As a final note: sometime just trying things save hours of debating, it also sometimes give us valuable insights that won't come out just by debating, wondering or worrying.

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