Friday, May 16, 2008

Do "svn info" the TortoiseSVN Way

It's not directly obvious how you can do svn info from TortoiseSVN. I used to install separate command line svn client just to do this. However, I stumble upon this discussion :

> how could i find infos like command "svn info" ...
Right-click, choose "properties" in the explorer context menu. Then,
switch to the "SVN" tab.

Here's what I got while doing it :

I think it's pretty nice and easier compare to using separate command line client with which you need to go to console, go to that directory and type "svn info" (not to mention the hassle of installing the svn command line client). It's not that apparent for people who used to the command line command though although it seems quite consistent with how explorer arrange things i.e: Properties dialog is where the info about the selected item shown.

However, I think having some way in the main context menu of TortoiseSVN to show this info will feel straightforward and and natural for some people. info command is used just like update, commit and other typical command so they would normally expect to find it on the same place where they see those other common command.

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