Thursday, May 15, 2008

Use AnkhSVN to Avoid Forgotten File Addition in Visual Studio

If you use Subversion with Visual Studio chances are you have been in a situation where a file you added in VS and you forgot to "svn add"ed it, thus not committed to subversion. Things will still be ok on your side, you probably only aware of this when someone else shout "Hey, who broke the build ?!".

It's where the AnkhSVN come in. I still use TortoiseSVN for my main svn client but I also use AnkhSVN to avoid the case above. When I add stuff, it automatically "svn add" it. Another important use of it for me is the instant review of what's changed from within VS and the simple way to revert changes without having to go to the windows explorer and access TortoiseSVN from there.

In short, I think it's a good complement for main svn client although not to replace it.

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