Friday, May 23, 2008

QuickTask for Snappy Task Addition on ICal-based calendar

I have been coding little application to make adding task in iCal fast and comfortable. I finally have a binary release today. Check out QuickTask here.

I find entering task using standard dialog provided by General Calendaring application quite uncomfortable. The dialog feels very "noisy" to me. I understand that most of them aim to enable user utilize ical-file standard as much as possible but for my usual use it's too bloated.

I made quicktask to make entering task to calendar more fit to my task-adding style and many others I think, especially GTD-follower who don't bother with dates, times and prioritizing task (at least when entering them).

It assume and simplify several things :

  • You only assign one task exactly one category
  • You only need to entery task name, description
It can be viewed as a facade to ical's task i.e: utilizing ical framework but only deal with stuff that match to our conceptual use of it.

I have been using for sometime now and hopefully it will be useful for others too.

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rofiq said...

Nice app, I'm going to try it soon.