Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Freeplane for Windows Mobile

I am a long time user of PocketFreemind on which I am one of the programmer too. It is working fine while I still in qvga device. However, when I switched to wvga device it started to show many issues that I feel the rewrite was needed. So, there comes FreeplaneWM which later become Freeplane for Windows Mobile.

Here are some note on the changes/differences of the rewrites from PocketFreemind :

  • The domain model is now just a thin wrapper over .Net's XML-related classes. Any changes done directly to those XML classes through the wrapper without additional data structure in the between. This simplify the code and improve performance.
  • The layers/module are simplified. There are basically just application layer (gui related matters) and domain model (xml plus wrapper classes)
  • Attention to vga/wvga visual consistency and behavior
In a nutshell, the changes is driven by the goal that so it can be used in wvga/vga devices well and keeping the codebase fun to code.

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