Friday, June 17, 2011

Light Use of XPlanner

I use XPlanner to track development process. However, in many cases e.g: very small team, small scale software, I don't use many of it's feature and use it as a very light project management tools that feels more like an extended todo list (which is good since it is simpler and does not get in the way of the development more).

Here's how I used XPlanner lightly :

  • I filled mainly only text and description for stories and tasks, other fields are left in default
  • No timesheet entry, just click "complete" when task is complete and change the stories to status to "implemented" when all it's task is done
  • I monitor only what task is done and what stories is implemented
So, when it is used like this it's basically just an"over-featured" todo list, but it still has some advantage over generic todo list and that is the built in iteration concept. I can still feel that I am within development iteration. Also, when in other iteration I decided to use more of it e.g: timesheet, it is still there, ready to be used.

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