Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Base Setup : HTC Touch Pro 2

I own HTC Touch Pro 2 for more than half a year now (replacing my previous HP iPaq 912c). It takes some time for the various apps and setting to settle in. For me personally, it's not just about using of the gadget itself but more about how it integrates with my personal workflow. That is also why I still stick to Windows Mobile currently as many things that I use still not yet available in other platform.

Here's a brief overview of the setup of the essentials :

  • Shell and Core App : SPB Mobile Shell+PocketBreeze+PocketInformant. These are the basics and I probably won't use a gadget if I can not setup a comparable feature on it
  • Desktop Sync : BirdieSync + Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC). Having complete and reliable synching to desktop is essential otherwise it will be a pain to have to sync manually or having a gap in data between mobile and desktop. Birdiesync (event, tasks, contacts, etc..) and wmdc (files, notes, etc..) does all that I need
  • Outliner : Freeplane for Windows Mobile. I wrote this app myself (branching from PocketFreemind project on which I am one of the developer too). I used Freeplane a lot, especially for things that can not be captured by the structured information manager. This allow me to have access to it on the go
  • Spredsheets : Excel Mobile. Spreadsheet are great for certain type of data and I have some main personal files on this form that makes the existence of it on the gadget is very important. Windows Mobile comes with it out-of-the-box so it's already well-covered right from the start
Those are the essentials that makes up the base of my mobile setup. There are other apps that I use frequently but they are functionality specific while the above are has more of a dashboard/control-center/base-system feel to them.

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