Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Focus on Personal Workflow and System, Not Gadget and Apps

Gadgets and Apps are abound today and the discussions that runs mostly are about what Gadgets can do this and that. I think many times the focus are misplaced. Gadgets are just tools and what is most important is the personal system workflow that a person has. Without that, gadget has no context and will just be a distraction with each additional feature. However, when you have system, each feature on the gadget can use to improve certain aspect of that system.

When you have a workflow involving calendar and reminder, a good calendar app can make that part of your system more optimal and in turn will make the overall system runs better. However, when you don't have need for calendar in your personal workflow (which is not a sin, BTW :) ) it will be just a toy to try a little bit and never used again or worse you keep keep wasting time using it without adding any benefit to your system.

So, I guess what matters is what system that you have and what combinations of gadgets and apps that can make it runs better. Researching new gadgets and apps can be useful if you use it to see how you can improve your existing system with it.

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