Thursday, September 12, 2013

JEdit : One Text Editor to Rule Them All (Functions and Platforms)

Any programmer would say his favorite text editor is the best one so I won't bother saying which one is best :). However, I do use one text editor, JEdit, for quite a long time already and find it a really useful text editor. Below is some of the reason :

  • It does "everything" I can think of and more. It has a rich plugin list and so far I haven't find any of my needs that is has not met. Apart from coding which I do mainly on IDE, I use JEdit for the rest. Editing and Viewing binaries with it's Hex editing plugins, Editing XML even using it as a full-fledged IDE for some language e.g: Ruby, Python.
  • It runs on all Platform. One of my main priorities of text editor is it needs to to be able to run on OS that I use. I did works on Windows, Mac and Linux so having text editor that can run on all of them is a big requirement for me. It saves a lot of time to be familiar with one advanced text editor and can run it on all system. The time you spend customizing the configuration, learning the shortcuts will pay off really well.
There is one situation that I can't use JEdit though and that is the time when I am working on command-line/shell. When that happens, VIM is my friend. So, I guess, JEdit doesn't really rule everything yet.

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