Sunday, November 11, 2007

Post #0 : Simplifying Blogging

I am back. My blogging has been stalled for quite a while but I still feel that it has good use (whatever that is). I am simplifying it so there's less "mental-barrier" in doing a post. Some simplifying to do :

  • Simplifying intention. There's a different complexity in blogging to make blog as a blog and blogging as support for other activity. My main activity is mostly doing programming so the blogging itself need to be done with the resource that does not interfere with it. This bring us to another simplification to do, that is ...
  • Simplifying platform. I used to do blogging in blogsome which I still think is a cool platform but it has a lot tinkering to do to get it to the form that is useful e.g: more usable default themes, has older post link in default themes. I decided it's not worth my time for now. So, I am back to non-geeky
  • Simplifying post and topics. Referring to the "simplifying intention" above, I mostly have the need to write something in a blog when I do something and some thoughts come up or some insights popup or some cool links/tools/tips that I need to get it out of my head in a retrievable form for later use or sharing. So, the post should be more just-in-time, concise and easily retrievable.
  • Simplifying maintenance. is simple enough although it will still open for people who want to make it complex, tweak things here and there but I don't think that's for me. So, I would stick to what barely necessary to keep things going and interesting, no more (although some little slack is ok, I am still human after all).

Simple is good, less overhead is good, concise but useful post is good, light is good, learning is good, sharing is good, blogging is good. Let's start (again).

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