Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Uninterrupted Coding Time : First Thing in The Morning

There are many books about software development that emphasize this : have uninterrupted time for coding. I find it useful to really put this to the extreme : not doing any task at all beside coding, first thing in the morning, not even mails, reading, reviews, none. The exception would be only for the task that block me completely to do coding if not get done first, or some thought-capturing that sometime happen in the beginning of the work (in this case, just capture everything to be reviewed later). I find this really set the mood and pace for the rest of the day and make me (feel) more productive.

There's some strange feeling if I don't get something coded significantly in one day even though I have done many other non-coding tasks that day, it feels like that something is missing, some disorientation. It's probably a general feeling for every profession : having done significant task related to what someone perceive as a forward movement in his scope of responsibility will bring a good feeeling of accomplishment. A guitarist who don't touch his guitar in one day probably feeling the same way. A writer with blank paper all day probably feel quite worse.

So, make a coffee, and code away.

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Anonymous said...

beware combination of coffee, coding, and sitting all day.