Sunday, November 25, 2007

Trouble with Activesync? Try Waiting

I've seen several times people post about their problem with PocketPC (Windows Mobile) and Activesync and it happen to me personally too. One common problem is that Activesync occasionally fail to connect with no message at all.

Recently I just find out some non-technical "fix" that could help me deal with most cases when this happen.
The solution is to just wait. I found this out accidentally when I left my device still connected although it seems to fail to connect through Activesync. I usually disconnect it when this happen, reset it and try reconnect it again until it connected (as you might guess, it's quite annoying). Then, to my surprise, after about 12 minutes just letting it alone by itself, the connecting process was finally starting and succeed.

I now do this when it happen and it works almost every time. When it doesn't work, resetting still can be utilized as the last resort, but I do this relatively rare now. This trick helps me utilize my PocketPC more for now (since I now can just plug it in and ignore and let it choose whenever it decided to connect). This saves a little time and trouble of resetting also avoid some unnecessary frustration/anger :).

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