Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Vista Gadget for Multisite Development

I don't use Vista gadget too much, only use it for showing analog clock (using standard pre-installed gadget), which is better then looking at tiny digital clock at the systray, and sticky note for putting occasional notes/reminders. But I just find a good use for it recently : showing clock from different timezone.

It's not explicitly obvious, but at a moment, I just thought, hey I could actually add two instance of the same gadget here, why not add two clock showing different timezone. It works and now what's left is to add label to each clock to show which showing what zone, and no surprise here, there's a "Clock Name" field I could fill in this gadget option.

This would be useful for multisite development e.g: multisite software company or an open source programmer coordinate working with peers on a different timezone.

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